Energy Work Available

If you are receiving one of Connection or Weaving processes for the first time (or are new to Energy Work and would like more information on how to start), please read and work through the follow article as many times as you like at least a day before receiving any of the below processes:

Basic Energy Maintenance – Intro & Prep

These processes are designed to aid you in your own energy work and practice. They will not replace or provide a one-stop solution. Energy work is a cumulative effect. Please continue with your usual method or you may use my own at the following link.

Basic Energy Maintenance – The Process

(Please be aware that how you experience these processes is all down to your own awareness of energy. The energy WILL take effect, even if you are not aware of it.)

Connection and Attunements

  1. Connection and attunement to higher self/higher consciousness
  2. Connection and attunement to higher heart consciousness
  3. Connection and attunement to Universal Energy

I suggest that the ‘Connection’ work is called down later when you have 15-30 mins with intention in the words similar to:

‘I now call down the (…) connection and attunement work that has been done and surrender any energies that block this connection to my..(…)’

During this time surrender any energy or patterns that may block the connection, to the energy work being done.

(Bare in mind that the way I work with energy means that this happening in the NOW, instantly and calling it down later on may not cause as much a noticeable effect. The calling down is to simply aid in the surrender and healing aspect of the process while you are present and mindful in the receiving and surrendering)


  1. Any of the chakras inc. feet and hands.
  2. Energy body of choice.

Healing, restoring, upgrading and anything else as is needed.

One energy body at a time. – Chakras can be requested single or in sets of 2 at a time.

Maximum of one energy body/chakra a week to allow for changes. Work on single chakras can be requested with a minimum of a week in between. Work on sets of chakras will be done over two consecutive days.

Stand Alone/Bolt Ons

Weaving the root chakra for grounding and connecting to the earth and elemental earth energy.



When requesting any of the above PLEASE be aware of what you are asking first and take time to consider if you are ready. This may lead to the start of or increased spiritual awareness and experiences and I am not responsible for what follows if you are not mentally or emotionally sufficiently stable enough to handle them.

*Connection to the Universal Energy is only the most essential part of the Reiki system, whittled down into it most basic form.  The rest is not needed to use Universal Energy and I prefer to keep things simple without needless over complication. This energy can be used for healing and protection and called down for use in your everyday Energy Maintenance.

**Please note that symptoms or side effects of healing can be anything from headaches, to pins and needles, pressures, emotional outbursts, dreams to any physical illness. I am only healing what is already in you and such reactions and sensations are common.

Requests, feedback and testimonials can be made here:

Process Submission Form

There is no fixed charge for either of the above, however I do ask for a minimum donation, which can be made via the button in the footer. Requests will not be acted on unless there has been a matching donation made as well.

Connection and attunement = £5 each

Chakra weaving = £2 per chakra