Why Do I Write?

Writing about not writing was my aim one day in March 2015. Though it seems I can not even do that and it quickly progressed into another intuitive process.

Maybe this writing is a stage, part of my progress. Part of the dissolvement or re-integration process. Maybe its a record I am meant to make? Is it a process I want to keep? Or does it have a long term reason? Is this blog a ‘run up’ or practice for something else?

I started it a few months after a reading from Lone and I wanted to write things down to gather and understand everything clearer rather than floating in and out of my mind.

Keeping a journal was one thing, though writing to  intuitively process as well, I didnt think would be such a long term commitment. Some days I can be writing for up to 5 hours. However in someways writing is the only thing that felt right in my life.

Then I was giving the nudge to put it online in 2014.

In 2015, June, I am feeling a new nudge..though I am unsure what exactly, I feel I am to take my writing and website from simply blogging my personal intuitive writing to something else.

In October 2015 I am now suspecting that the sole purpose of my writing is to transmute the general ideas and concepts that exist in the ‘general spiritual mass collective consciousness’. All the talk of ‘old 3D patterns’ to be removed and freed of. Is this mass general collective concept that is battered around simply not another one of these? I see now it is as much of what I am becoming aware of is pointing to this truth.

I am honoured to be one to knock down this hidden concept that hides beyond its own words and has us looking at every BUT itself.

In March 2016 I have felt that in order to reach greater depths and new medium is needed. So after some progress with talking to myself out loud (in an empty house) I decided that I would try a vlog! A place to talk, rather like a therapy session. To get things out and discuss them. These are in addition to blogs and will not be frequently created though they can all be viewed on the blog as wells as youtube itself.

In April 2017 I am now finding more of a physical/spiritual balance.. not just a balance but a blending.  As this blog is a manifestation of my Experience, so to will it change 🙂 There will start to include bits of my ‘life’ as such that is also in that ‘balanced blend’.

It is now July 2017, looking back it is great to see the changes this blog and everything around it has gone through. Several things written above are no longer here, things removed have been brought back in.. a good blending indeed. Now, I look to take all this in another direction. So the ground work and changes are being made.

In September 2017 I feel like things are finally coming to a point. The implosion that has been shrinking and shrinking has just about reached the point where it can shrink no more. As such my writing has slowed down as I focus on more things such as meditation and energy work.


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